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How to choose lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries?

How to choose lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries?

In terms of quality and volume, lead-acid batteries are larger and heavier. Compared with the lightweight body of the lithium battery, which is only 2.5/3 kg, the lead-acid battery of the same capacity generally weighs about 16/30 kg. Although the current lead-acid battery has begun to be lightweight, the lithium battery can be flexibly disassembled and other methods.  The operability is better than that of lead-acid batteries.

Secondly, in terms of service life, the current life of lead-acid batteries is about 2 years, and the cycle charge and discharge is generally within 300 times, while the cycle charge and discharge of lithium batteries exceeds 500 times, and the general life span is more than 3 years. There are also lithium battery manufacturers. one year warranty.

Analyzing the cost performance of the two batteries again, the current market mainstream lead-acid battery price is about 450 yuan, while the lithium battery is relatively expensive. With the reduction of lithium battery raw materials, some brands have also called out the price of lead-acid lithium batteries.

Finally, let’s talk about the cruising range, which is also the most concerned about electric vehicle users. The same is a 48V battery. When fully charged, the range of lead-acid/lithium battery electric vehicles is almost the same, depending on factors such as speed and motor size. Of course, in terms of battery capacity, lead-acid batteries are slightly larger than lithium batteries.

From the analysis of the above four aspects, the lead-acid lithium battery is almost inseparable. Users who are more sensitive to price and practicality can choose lead-acid batteries, and users who are more concerned about battery operability can choose lithium batteries with better performance. But lithium batteries have a big problem that needs to be solved urgently, and that is safety!

The safety of lithium batteries cannot be ignored. Any formal lithium battery brand will carry out strict tests on the product and then go on sale, so whether it is for consumers or distributors, be sure to choose a formal lithium battery brand, and then it is good. Use habit to protect, choose to determine the future, remember, don’t be greedy for cheap when choosing batteries, life is precious!

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