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What is a lead-acid battery?

What is the rated capacity of the battery?

In lead-acid batteries, the electrode is mainly lead, and the electrolyte is a storage battery containing a sulfuric acid solution.
The representative symbol of a lead-acid battery is Pb-A or LA, where: Pb is the code name of lead in the periodic table, L is the prefix of the English name of lead, A is the English prefix of the acid name, Acid, both of the above two writing methods Represents lead-acid batteries.
Lead-acid batteries are the most mature power source in our country. They are used the most in various fields and have been used for the longest time in the market. The lead-acid batteries used in electric bicycles belong to the lean-liquid type, short-type valve-regulated sealed type, and square power acid batteries.

The rated capacity of a battery refers to the stipulation or guarantee that the battery should discharge the minimum amount of electricity under certain discharge conditions during the design and manufacture of the battery. The battery capacity indicated by the manufacturer refers to the amount of electricity the battery provides when the battery is discharged to the final voltage at 2H under the condition of an ambient temperature of 25 degrees, and the unit is Ah (ampere hour)

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