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Summary of lead-acid batteries

Summary of lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries have a history of 150 years since they were invented by Plante in 1859. The technology is very mature and it is the most widely used chemical power source in the world.

Although new batteries such as nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium-ion batteries have been introduced and applied in recent years, lead-acid batteries still rely on high-current discharge performance, stable voltage characteristics, wide temperature application range, and large single battery capacity. A series of advantages such as high safety, abundant raw materials, renewable utilization, and low price. With the rapid development of basic industries such as China’s automobile industry, telecommunications and power, railway transportation, information industry, and new energy industries, lead-acid batteries are in great demand The rate of increase still occupies a firm position.

In recent years, lead-acid batteries have developed many new technologies in the competition, such as three-dimensional and double three-dimensional structure electrodes and new structures such as fully sealed, tubular, and horizontal; the use of new lead alloy electrodes promotes the gradual increase in specific energy and prolongs Service life. Through continuous technological innovation, lead-acid batteries will glow with new vitality.

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