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Lead-acid battery knowledge

Lead-acid battery knowledge

  1. According to the structure of the plate, the battery can be divided into: paste type, tube type, and formed type.

  2. The pole plate is the main part of the lead-acid battery, which is composed of grid and active material.

  3. The microporous rubber separator is a flat separator made of raw rubber silicic acid and other additives, with micropores below 10um.

  4. The main components of the battery, the positive and negative plates, the plate, the battery tank, the battery fluid and some parts.

  5. The function of battery sealing is to prevent electro-hydraulic overflow。

The discharge of the battery: the battery is discharged from the external circuit. When discharging, the electrons on the negative plate flow to the positive electrode through the load. As the discharge progresses, the lead on the negative plate reacts with sulfuric acid to produce lead sulfate, and the lead oxide and sulfuric acid on the positive electrode The reaction produces lead sulfate. As the discharge progresses, the terminal voltage of the battery gradually drops. When the terminal voltage drops to a critical voltage, the discharge should be terminated, otherwise the battery life will be greatly shortened or even damaged. The critical voltage is the battery manufacturer to protect the battery from abnormal discharge and affect the battery life.

Constant current charging: In this charging method, the current flowing through the battery does not change during the entire charging process, and the charging voltage output by the charger rises as the terminal voltage of the battery rises. This charging method has the following characteristics: the charging time is short, but the energy consumption is large, and it is easy to generate overvoltage charging in the later stage of the charging and shorten the battery life. Currently, this method is not used in UPS power supplies.

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