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Jalon new product development

Jalon new product development

The company has a number of battery production lines, aging, capacity distribution and other production equipment and a large number of experienced industrial workers. The combination of exquisite craftsmanship and scientific process ensures the qualified quality of each (offline) product. The company has built a large-scale battery testing center, and advanced battery testing equipment has become a reliable guarantee for “safe batteries”. Therefore, the company’s products have passed the certification of many international and domestic authoritative organizations and become an excellent representative company for the reliability of lead-acid battery products.

The company has been pursuing a “customer-centric” corporate culture for many years, and based on the precise positioning of “battery customization”, a group of experts in the lead-acid battery industry have been gathered to form multiple categories and systems including electrochemistry, electronics, technology, and structure. With a professional R&D team, the company’s technological innovation capabilities can fully meet the diverse and individual needs of customers.

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